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Trailer Fleet

We offer a comprehensive selection of 70 different trailers which allows us to supply customers with both lorry mounted cranes or standard 44t tractor units, combined with any of the following trailers:-

  • 13.6m Flats
  • Flat Extendable 13.6 to 21m
  • 12m Positive Rear/Steer Flats
  • 10m Positive Rear/Steer (Rigid accessibility but with Artic payload)
  • Double Extending Full Power Steering (13m up to 29m)
  • 80cm Double Extending Step Frame
  • 95cm Single Extending Stepframe 9m - 15m (Fixed double flip toe ramps)
  • 95cm Single Extending Stepframes (clip on ramps)
  • 90cm Step Frames 9m (Fixed flip toe ramps)
  • Curtain Siders (4m to 4.5m High)
  • Euro Liner Curtain Siders (opening roof)

All our trailers have fall arrest equipment available

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